“SWEEP” – behind the album, between the lines, more then words…

SWEEP – the 3rd album by Miss Stereochemistry, a birthday gift from herself to herself for her 30th birthday, a story of re-birth.. a singing wish to be swept off one’s feet in the most magical way.


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SWEEP – The concept

SWEEP is all about Love, the one and only Unconditional Love there is, perceived in all of its various forms seen through the prism of life on Earth. This apparent separation of One unity of the Universe in distinct shapes and contours, is probably the most curious, fascinating and sometimes unreachable aspect of the earthly life to an alien like me.

While mingling down on this beautiful planet over the past years, and 2012 in particular, I had a chance to experience all these various embodiments the Love can shape itself into.
I’ve seen it explode in an euphoric rush of hormones and neurotransmitters, the one that makes the butterflies appear in your stomach.
I’ve also experienced the serious withdrawal crisis that comes after such explosion is gone.
I’ve seen Love mix its most profound essence with pain, loss and abandonment.
I’ve seen it playful and joyful as a little child, playing hide and seek and discovering this physical world for the first time.
I’ve seen it turn into a gigantic question mark and gaze at the starlit sky, in search for the answers to the questions that have found it.
I’ve seen Love go blind to its own eyes. I’ve seen it get lost, unable to recognize itself.

I watched it struggle for freedom, trapped under the cloth of doubts and self-loathing.
I’ve seen it smile with forgiveness and understanding.
I’ve seen it escape this earthly prism, and reunite in the Oneness of the Universe. That is when I’ve experienced the Unconditional Love bloom inside of me in the purest possible way. That felt like being the Universe itself. That was and is being the Universe itself.

I’ve been a woman, a lover, a sister, a mother, a wife, a memory. I’ve been, and am, so perfectly human.

SWEEP is a story about the journey and evolution though this twisting and tangling jungle of Love, from complete self-annichilation to the unexpected bloom and re-birth. It is challenges met and lessons learnt. It is a collection question marks, with and without the answers. It is a wish and attempt to speak my heart openly and freely, without self-imposed, fear-induced censorships.

It is an Ode to Joy, the greatest little joy that came to find me, and lead me through the darkness.

It is a lesson about letting go. I don’t pretend or assume to know it all. As far as I understood, it is one of those magic skills to be mastered and practiced every single day…

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All songs written, performed and produced by Karla Stereochemistry, in collaboration with:

Mensch Matsumoto – percussion tracks on “Love&Light”
Benjamin Kreisel – bas track on “Markedly More”, electric guitars on “Cut and Mend” and “Pure Gold”
Agostin Friedlander – Percussions on “Come to Find me”
Alessandro Sofia – Piano track on “Alice & Peter”
Herbert Boland – cinematic kick sound on “Cut and Mend” and “Alice & Peter” freesounds.org
DJ Chronos – Bells on “Cut and Mend” – freesounds.org
Pogotron – Clock sound on “Alice & Peter” – freesounds.org
Vitriolix – Kick wump on “Pure Gold” – freesounds.org

Video by Filmgeil works – filmgeil.com

Director: Denis Leo Hegic
Director of photography: Tom Rotsching
Assistant director: Harald Geil
Production management: G Beaudin
Set and costume design: Henriette Ackermann
Stills photography: Harald Geil
Montage: Tom Rotsching
Production assistants: Sophie Lakow and Wolfgang Kriener

Photography and album artwork by Harald Geil.