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It’s been busy in Berlin over the past few months! A quirky crowd of harlequins, musicians, video artists, photographers, acrobats, teachers, painters, steuerberaters/tax accountants came together to celebrate this multi-culturality, diversity and acceptance Berlin has to offer to everybody.

A series of music videos came out of it, and we’ll be showering you with it over the upcoming weeks. The Gran Finale that follows – the publication of the upcoming Harlequin EP on Spleen Prod/Dos Amigos Music, Berlin – is now just few weeks away. If you happen to mingle around the German capital, a release party is due and we’ll keep you posted on the details.

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Our most profound thanks go to Alexander Klebe & Team for their wonderful collaboration over the past months, as well as Quinzi & Peter of Spleen Prod/Dos Amigos for all their efforts regarding this project. *Full list of my most profound thank yous is due once the video and the single are out!

…and up to then, enjoy the snippets!

You can order physical copies of “Ruins in Bloom” in our Music Store or by placing an email order at info@stereochemistrymusic.com!



Something new is boiling in the pot! “HARLEQUIN PROJECT” – Under Construction!!



Oh WOW! We’re finally proud to announce you that we’ve been really busy for the past months – and with a BIG reason!!

Some time ago, we’ve joined the forces with Spleen Prod, an independent record label in Berlin – and been working undercover on a new release!

I’ve been very quiet about this, as you know, some say that saying it out loud may jinx it, I say in music business, unless the things have taken shape and come to some more concrete phase, better don’t mention anything, as there is loads of empty talking and very little actual action.

But it is not the case here, as you can hear!

Spleen prod and their art are a bit of a new thing for me – the guys are more into the late ’80s – early 90’s electronic sounds, and you know me – manipulating acoustic stuff is my thing. Nevertheless, this collaboration has proved truly interesting and challenging at the same time, and has brought a new touch to Miss Stereochemistry sound.

Once upon a time, I used to be a scientist, I come from a long lineage of scientists and have grown up among them, therefore experimenting with different sounds and musical solutions is my thing… I leave you with a couple of snippets so you can hear and see for yourselves.

PS. YES, covering my favorite Nirvana song that has marked my childhood, my teens and my growing up (I’m a 90s kid!!), was a big dare. And even greater responsibility… and the greatest honor ever, when Nirvana’s Publisher in New York wrote back to say it is a good cover and that we are allowed to publish it.


And Finally! The NEW VIDEO is out!!


Cookie Jar

Earthlings dearest! We finally published our BRAND NEW VIDEO madness, “Cookie Jar” from “Ruins in Bloom”!
This is the first official video from the album – and it took quite some metamorphosis to make it.

For you who have missed out on the legendary making of, the song goes about lying to your own self, and the others, pretending to be something that you are not… with the ultimate conclusion that by doing so, you commit to a life full of.. shit. The shit that sooner or later does hit the fan, as no lie can last forever.

Mescalina Musica, the italian independent music magazine, has dedicated a LARGE special article to this video, reporting the whole concept behind, with much detail – for you italian spekaers – click HERE and read away!


On kids, refugees, communication…


If you wondered where have your favorite aliens disappeared in the month of May, here’s the answer: we dumped the adult crowd and went to play for KIDS.

Not ANY children. Some very special kids coming from every corner of the globe and finding their first touchdown place at the Emergency Center for Refugees in Berlin (Notunterkunft für Fluchtlinge Moabit, ran by Berliner Stadtmission).

This is us, we’re colorful, we’re loud, we sing and dance together, with MUSIC being our ONLY common language! We are all complete strangers that have met literally 5 minutes before this video was taken by a co-worker at the Notunterkunft.

If you are longing for an infusion of pure unspoiled unconditional love, go work with children. If you want to read more about this initiative, you’ll find the full text HERE.

If you want to get in touch with Notunerkunft Für Fluchtlinge Moabit, please send an email to: fluechtlingshilfe@berliner-Stadtmission.de (Mathias Hamman)

We run this workshop every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and personally, there is no better reminder of how much kindness and innocence there is in this world, no matter how fucked up it may be.


“Blown Away” – Monday Marmalade #6 feat Stereochemistry + Tim Redaelli



Here’s a recipe to an alien marmalade: take three musicians, put them together in a kitchen and give them ONE HOUR to write a song starting from scratch, meaning zero.

Everything you hear:
chords, instrumental arrangements, lyrics, vocals, stuff… was made on the spot on this very Monday, 04.05.2015. in Niilo’s kitchen.

Niilo, aka Nills Sommer, is the brain behind the Monday Marmalade concept: he walks around Berlin open mics and gigs and stuff and hunts for 1-3 musicians to join him for the Marmalade songwriting mortale.

He picked us and the aussie bum Tim Redaelli for this episode of Marmelading and this is what we came up with! Enjoy!

COOKIE JAR VIDEO – The Making of


Yeps, we got a new video coming up!

A picturesque metaphor of denial, self-love, lying, pretending… and the massive amounts of crap pouring down on you as a consequence of that lack of self-to-self sincerity. This is the first official video to be released from our last “Ruins in Bloom” album.

This is also the first time we worked on an artistic project together with Mr. Stereochemistry, and let him profusely poop on our head in public.

We expressed the concept underlying the “Cookie Jar” tune in our behind the scenes video.

We’re being a polyglot show-off ass lately, so we subtitled it in English and Italian for you. Click away and enjoy!

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Ruins In Bloom

Nothing braver than pouring your heart out on a sheet of paper and an instrument, flying over the ocean to get it recorded, then print it on an organic polymer and send it around the world for the complete strangers to listen and judge. JUDGE! Moreover, you let them publish their judgements on some of your favorite music blogs.

As if being stranded naked on the album cover wasn’t enough of exposure! Mescalina Musica, La Scena, Point & Comma Music, Clapbands, Freak Out Magazine, I Think Magazine, all disected our “Ruins in Bloom” and found we sound a lot like Ani di Franco (YAY!), Victoria Williams and Bajaga. Now we can die happy, I guess.

Well, not before expressing our gratitude to Martepress for doing the dirty job of sending our release around the Apennine Peninsula, and assuming the tough responsibility of distributing us physically across lo Stivale.

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Oh wow! Jaymag, the italian music and arts webzine, kindly asked us to write an editorial for them. Free topic and a blank page given to us aliens to crap about whatever we want to, and all the italo-speaking earthlings sneaking through the posts of Jaymag would have to bear it.

If you think that a blank page is an epitome, of creative artistic freedom you’re very VERY wrong. Rather than an epitome, it’s an EPITAPH. Nothing can limit your thoughts as much as a damn FREE topic.

WHAT is it SO important in your soul that you WANT and NEED to scream out to the world?

Can a music mag editorial bear it really? How to be honest without self-censorship? How to tell people to wake the fuck up without yelling at them? Oh so many decisions to take!

If you’re a good Italian speaker, click HERE and read on what we’ve written to the innocent readers of Jaymag. We’ll just warn you that it is an alternative Lonely Planet-free travel guide. To Berlin, mostly, but it can be applied to any corner of this Earth.

Otherwise, you can read on about our philosophical thoughts on traveling here…


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Traveling is crucial. It helps you to step out of your comfort zone and take a look at things from a different perspective. It helps you come back into it and bring about a change, in your own self and for your own sake in the first place.

When you’ve lived abroad and far away from that first place you called home for more than a half of your life, both you and that place get an eerie feeling of being a ghost in a ghost town. Yours, familiar, other, foreign, all at the same time. A part of you both belongs forever one to another.

But there’s this new, altered, exotic scary part that each is afraid to uncover.
Afraid of delusions, retrograde evolutions, misunderstanding. This is how it feels to step my feet in Belgrade. This is how Belgrade feels when I walk my feet back into him (for me, this city is a HE). And here’s the interview by STILL IN BELGRADE asking me how my new home in Berlin feels.

Eerie for me, more than for the readers.

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WHOA! Our Balcony TV video is finally out!

We recorded this little gem on a rooftop in Genoa, on a sunny December afternoon, just a day after our 32nd birthday, sick with fever and such.

Luckily, we employed our alien skills of breathing through ears and other bodily orifices so that you are not disturbed by our stuffy nose and continuous snorting up of endless rivers of snot our human nose is capable of producing. (We’re considering opening up a Snot Producing Facility as a side business to music and entertainment, as we believe it could generate more profit in shorter time than the entire independent music industry at the moment. And yes, there is just a slight sarcastic note to this last phrase.)

The song you hear here is called “Angel”, from “Ruins in Bloom” and we rarely play it live, but we felt this was the right moment for it.

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A loooong interview plus a couple of tunes played live at Riserva Indie show of Contatto Radio, Carrara. Hosted by Maurizio Castagna and Alessandro Hicks, it is definitely one of the most fun and uncensored radio interviews I’ve ever had.

Talking about the Italian release of “Ruins in Bloom” and prejudices, taboos, depression, pregnancy loss, irony, cocks, pussies, discrimination, traveling and so on.

You can find the full radio podcast on Riserva Indie’s Mixcloud.

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Cookie Jar

January 1st 2015. 8 pm. Miss & Mr. Stereochemistry are thawing a freezer and fixing the lights for the tomorrows’ video shoot. Life is very romantic.

January 2nd 2015. 6 pm. Miss Stereochemistry survives a nervous breakdown after the back drop she has patiently IRONED for over two hours decides to drop to the floor like a dead angel slipping from the clouds. Mr Stereochemistry gives up on his well deserved rest after eight hours spent in the office and commits to the video shooting evening.

January 3rd 2015. Mr Stereochemistry takes revenge and gooes up his beloved counterpart with black vegan jelly. Several times. He gets to clean the living room as punishment. She manages to clog the shower cabin in attempt to wash the goo away. Flatmates are very happy (probably because still on hangover from the NYE).

The rest of the humanity will enjoy the whole picture after the “Making Of” video is released.

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