“RUINS IN BLOOM” – album, music, concept… and a prejudice killer


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RUINS IN BLOOM – The concept

So, here it is finally! Our brand new wild child straight from a spaceship into your ears.

We went all the way across the ocean to record it. We involved over 80 people from USA to China for our crowd funding campaign in order to make it happen. And it is finally there.

This kind of insane effort wasn’t done just for mere sakes of publishing a music album. Ruins in Bloom has a very strong, taboo breaking message that comes with it, and this is my main reason for publishing it in the first place.

“Ruins in Bloom” is about growing out of your own personal ruins. It is a tribute to the unstoppable life force present on this planet, that wins over and keeps growing even when your greatest wish is not to wake up the next morning.

In that sense, “Ruins in Bloom” is a recipe on how to be a successful, happy, loving severely depressed person.
It is here to offer you a better image of depression, as there is still a massive taboo and misconception about this particular state.

Depression is nothing else but a transformational process. It is a growth, under the harshest conditions. Exactly like those stubborn little plants that grow out of the creeps in the concrete. And the fruits of this growth are beautiful.

Many people who have never encountered this particular friend, shy away and distance themselves when you speak up about it directly. The D-word is scary and uncomfortable, almost as if it were an infective, incurable fatal disease.

The truth is, 99.99% of depressed people look exactly like all the others from the outside. You would never tell. They keep living their lives and doing their things, often brilliantly, without any wish to ever wake up again or get up from their beds.
They greet you with a smile and often offer some of the most understanding ears for your own problems. Yet, they feel completely isolated from it all. Surviving a day in that state of mind is one of the greatest acts of heroism a human can ever accomplish.

Who knows the weight of the bricks that glamorously fall upon you each morning, knows what i am talking about!

And please, if you are reading this, give yourself some credit. You wear the Supermen/Wonderwoman outfit every single day!

Being depressed doesn’t mean having a bad energy around – that’s yet another prejudice people should get rid off! You’d be surprised to know how many of your most caring, creative and smiling friends are in the D-team!

And that is mainly because – depressed people rarely have a bad day! Those nagging annoying partybreakers who see everything black are nothing but a mere complaint machines. You need to care about your life in order to be able to complain. A Professional Depresser doesn’t!

When I told people what this project was about, the most common answer I’d get was: “I never thought you were dealing with depression, you are always shining and in such a good mood!”. The second most common comment was: “I also struggle with it, and i really like your take on this thing!”.

Therefore I name myself the Kickass Portparole of the D-people, a naked green alien plant that showed the world how we all look like underneath our clothes and underneath the black veil of prejudices and fear that surround us.

Statistics say, 30% of people encounter this friend at some point in their lifetime. I reckon it’s way more, just that he/she may not wear the name tag so clearly. There is nothing crazy and unusual about it!

I encountered my friend after losing my second son, before he was even born. The taboo surrounding the pregnancy loss and death and babies, born and unborn, is a thing I’ll be treating openly elsewhere.

I don’t know how your invisible friend has found you.
I don’t know how you deal with your inner devils daily. I just want you to know that I admire you for every single day you spend living on this planet, for it takes an INSANE AMOUNT OF BALLS to make it.

An insane amount of love and strength you aren’t even aware of.
For out of that love, the most beautiful flowers are born…

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All songs and lyrics written, composed and performed Karla Stereochemistry. Produced by Jason Rubal at Seventh Wave Studios, Harrisburg, PA.

Karla Hajman – Stereochemistry: Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, stuff
Tyler Kouqj Garret: production assistance and kazzoo
Jason Brookens: drums
Eric Dieter: electric guitar, accordeon
Tonna Carbaugh-Dieter: violin
Roy Nash: bass
Jeremy Thompson: synths


Photography and cover design: Milena Möbius
Costume design: Zoran Stevanović
Body art: Paul Bradshaw
Guest star: Stefan Hentschel
Art concept: Karla Hajman Stereochemistry

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.